Voidokoilia beach - Lena Mare apartments - Logga Messinia


Probably the most famous beach of Messinia and definitely one of the most beautiful and notable beaches of Greece! Voidokilia is the most popular beach of our prefecture, known throughout the world, which has also been voted as one of the top 20 beaches in Europe.

Voidokilia is located next to the Gialova lagoon, 10 km away from Pylos, 50 km from Kalamata and 290 km from Athens. It is a natural bight with rare and unique natural beauty, standing out out for the white fine sand, that sprawls from one end to the other and its crystal, turquoise water. Low vegetation surrounds the bay while the sandy beach is full of beautiful shells. In fact, it is within the protected area of the European Natura 2000 network.

To the left of the beach there is Palaiokastro, at the base of which lies the cave of Nestor, while at the other end of Voidokilia, on the hill, there is a vaulted tomb allegedly “belonging” to Thrasimidis, son of Nestor.