Koroni - Lena Mare apartments - Logga Messinia


Koroni is one of the most beautiful small towns in coastal Messinia, build opposite to the impressive Taigetos mountain, with nice beaches, traditional houses and a dominant Venetian castle on the top of the hill.

Koroni is located on the southwest side of Peloponnese, in Messinia prefecture. When you arrive to Koroni you may either walk on its the coastal road with the cafeterias and fishing taverns to enjoy the view to Messiniakos Gulf and the impressive Taigetos mountain or go straight up to the Venetian castle and roam on its deserted alleys. Inside the castle you will find the monastery of Timios Prodromos and the 12th century Byzantine church of Aghia Sophia. Walk through the monastery’s garden and climb the stairs to one of the fortified towers to enjoy the spectacular 360 degrees view.